La vie est dans le pré

Paul François, a large-scale cere­al farmer, was poi­soned by a Mon­san­to her­bi­cide in 2004, leav­ing him with seri­ous after-effects. Ten years lat­er, we fol­low his tran­si­tion to organ­ic farm­ing, as well as his legal bat­tle against Monsanto. 


Paul François, a farmer in the Charentes region of France, is a "large-scale cereal grower" who farms 250 hectares of land. In 2004, he was poisoned by Lasso, a Monsanto herbicide. He still has serious after-effects. After ten years of doubt and hesitation, Paul decided to overcome his fears and convert all his land to organic farming. Eric Guéret followed this exciting change for a year, from his last "chemical" harvest to his first pesticide-free harvest. And Paul has another major battle on his hands: for the past 12 years, he has been fighting Monsanto in the courts, seeking recognition of the company's responsibility for his serious health problems.

Theme(s) : , Agriculture, Democracy, Environnement, Human Rights


Photo du realisateur

Éric Guéret


Éric Guéret is a French doc­u­men­tary film­mak­er. For the past fif­teen years, he has been mak­ing social doc­u­men­taries in France and around the world. Liv­ing con­di­tions in Chi­nese fac­to­ries, street chil­dren in Sene­gal, dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions in French schools, the strug­gle of Green­peace activists, home­less women in the streets of Paris… He spe­cial­izes in close-up cin­e­ma, film­ing over very long peri­ods in total immer­sion with his characters.


Director | , Éric Guéret
Year | , 2020
Country | , France
Duration | 78 minutes
Original language | , French
Subtitles | , English
Formats |
Image | Éric Guéret
Sound | Éric Guéret
Music | Etienne Bonhomme, Pierre Fruchard
Editing | Isabelle Szumny, Pierre Fruchard
Production | Bonne Pioche Productions




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