That Which Does Not Kill

It all hap­pened very quick­ly, but the trau­ma remains. That Which Does Not Kill tack­les the del­i­cate and inti­mate ques­tion of rape with mod­esty and accuracy. 


Ada is nineteen. She agrees to go to dinner with a boy she knows. Everything happens very quickly and she doesn't defend herself. Her body is bruised, her mind diffracted. Ada's story merges with those of others, all different yet similar. The same dirty story, senseless and banal, seen from different angles. That Which Does Not Kill tackles the delicate and intimate question of rape with modesty and accuracy.

Theme(s) : , Feminism, Human Rights, Sexual violence


Photo du realisateur

Alexe Poukine


Born in 1982, Alexe Poukine is a direc­tor and screen­writer. After tak­ing dra­ma class­es, she stud­ied eth­nol­o­gy, doc­u­men­tary film­mak­ing and screen­writ­ing. Her films have been select­ed and screened at numer­ous inter­na­tion­al fes­ti­vals. In par­al­lel with the shoot­ing of her sec­ond doc­u­men­tary film, That Which Does Not Kill, she is writ­ing a fea­ture-length fic­tion film.


Director | , Alexe Poukine
Year | , 2019
Country | , Belgium, France
Duration | 85 minutes
Original language | , French
Subtitles | , English
Formats |
Image | Elin Kirschfink
Sound | Marie Paulus
Sound design | Bruno Schweisguth
Editing | Agnès Bruckert
Author | Alexe Poukine
Producer | Centre Video de Bruxelles
Distributor | Stephan Riguet


International Competition, Visions du Réel, (Nyon, Switzerland), 2019 /
Sheffield Doc/Fest, (UK), 2019 /
FID (Marseille, France), 2019 /
European Film Festival (Palic, Serbia), 2019 /
DokuFest (Prizren, Kosovo), 2019 /
Etats généraux du documentaire (Lussas, France), 2019 /
FIDBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2019 /
Rencontres Ad Hoc (France), 2019 /
Inconvenient Films (Vilnius, Lithuania), 2019 /
Festival International du Film Indépendant de Bordeaux (France), 2019 /
25eme Image (France), 2019 /
Doc Lisboa (Lisboa, Portugal), 2019 /
Mostra Internationale de cinéma de Sao Paulo (Brazil), 2019 /
Antenna Film Festival (Australia), 2019/
Ji.hlava International Documentary Festival (Jihlava - Czech Republic), 2019 /
DOK Leipzig (Germany), 2019 /
ZINEBI (Bilbao, Spain), 2019 /
Festival dei Popoli (Florence - Italy), 2019 /
Panorama of European Film ( Cairo, Egypt), 2019 /
Interférences (Lyon, France), 2019 /
Sevilla European Film Festival (Spain), 2019 /
Les Créatives (Geneva, Switzerland), 2019 /
RIDM (Montreal, Canada), 2019 /
IDFA (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 2019 /
Les Ecrans du Réel (Le Mans, France), 2019 /
Films Femmes Méditerranée (Marseille, France), 2019 /
This Human World (Wien, Austria), 2020 /
Premiers Plans (Angers, France), 2020 /
FIPADOC (Biarritz, France) 2020 /
MoMa Doc Fortnight (New York, USA), 2020 /
Chef. Op. en Lumière (Chalon-sur-Saone, France), 2020 /
Recontres du Documentaire de IRTS (Nancy, France), 2020 /




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